Hutchings strays

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20 April 1841: Birth of Thomas Hutchings in the parish of Fifehead Neville, Dorset, England.
Father: Martin Hutchings, a carpenter.
Mother: Julia Hutchings (formerly Yeatman).
Source: Birth certificate.

18 Dec 1842: Birth of Sarah Ann Hutchings in the parish of Stoke Wake, Dorset, England.
Father: John Hutchings, a carpenter.
Mother: Elizabeth Hutchings (formerly Warren???).
Source: Birth certificate.

22 Aug 1844: Marriage of Thomas Rose and Eliza Hutchings in the parish of Sturminster, Dorset, England.
Groom: age 26, bachelor, a labourer of Sturminster; father is James??? Rose, a farmer???
Bride: age 26, spinster, of Sturminster; father is John Hutchings, a labourer.
Witnesses: James Rose, John Inkpen.
Source: Marriage certificate.

18 Nov 1847: Marriage of John Hutchings and Anne Spring in the parish of Haselbury Bryan, Dorset, England.
Groom: age 46, widower, a carpenter of Moreton???; father is John Hutchings, a carpenter.
Bride: age 43, spinster, maid servant residing in the alms house; father is Medford Spring, a schoolmaster.
Witnesses: James Elsworth, Elizabeth Elsworth.
Source: Marriage certificate.

Theory to be proven (see two items above): John Hutchings married Elizabeth Warren???. They had at least one child, Sarah Ann. Elizabeth died. John remarried Anne Spring.
Supporting evidence from 1881 census: John Hutchings (age 80, born Monckton, Dorset) living with wife Ann (age 77, born St Mary's, Eastbourne, Sussex) and daughter Sarah A. (age 39, born Stoke Wake, Dorset).

6 Jun 1853: Death of James Hutchings in the parish of Sturminster, Dorset, England.
Age: 25. Occupation: Labourer.
Cause of death: Fever. Informant: Susan Rose of Sturminster.
Source: Death certificate.

12 Jul 1888: Marriage of Edwin Hutchings and Julia Bailey in the parish of Christchurch, Hants, England.
Groom: age 30, bachelor, a butcher of Christchurch; father is Mark Hutchings, a carpenter.
Bride: age 27, spinster, of Christchurch; father is Charles Bailey, a labourer.
Witnesses: Martha Elizabeth Parr, ??? William Frampton.
Source: Marriage certificate.
N.B: The 1881 census suggests Edwin was born in Newtown, Devon, and Julia (some discrepancy in age) may have been born in Verwood, Dorset.

20 Mar 1895: Death of Emily Hutchings in The Infirmary, East Plumstead, London, England.
Age: 64.
Cause of death: Hemiplaya, softening of brain, influenza. Informant: Edmund C Hutchings, brother, of 54 Blackhouse Street, Old Kent Road, London.
Source: Death certificate.

1901 Census of Canada: Province of Quebec.
Name Relationship to head DOB Age Place of Birth Arrived in Canada
John Hutchings Head 26 Nov 1847 53 Nfld 1867
Lucinda Hutchings Wife 10 Oct 1849 51 PEI n/a
George Hutchings Son 10 Aug 1878 22 Nfld 1896
William Hutchings Son 14 May 1882 18 Nfld 1896
May Dau 31 May 1885 15 Nfld 1896
Alexander Son 11 May 1886 14 Nfld 1896
Mary E Hutchings Domestic 09 Jul 1846 54 Nfld 1876

Source: National Archives of Canada; Microfilm Reel No. T-6534, District 175 - Montreal City, Sub-District A71 - St. Antoine Ward, page 17.

11 Mar 1902: Death of Emily Hutchings in Church Road, Gurnard, Isle of Wight, England.
Age: 72. Occupation: Widow of James Hutchings, naval pensioner.
Cause of death: Bronchitis, jaundice. Informant: E Cole, daughter.
Source: Death certificate.

8 Sep 1904: Marriage of William Edwards and Eliza Ann Hutchings in the parish of Bromley, Kent, England.
Groom: age 52, widower, a coachman of Beech Hill, Egham, Surrey; father is William Edwards, a gardener.
Bride: age 42, spinster, of Crickness, Sundridge Avenue, Bromley; father is William Hutchings, a brickmaker.
Witnesses: S Mummery, E Newman.
Source: Marriage certificate.
N.B: The 1881 census suggests William (some discrepancy in age) may have been born in Godalming, Surrey and his previous wife was Agnes, born in 1853 in Godalming.

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