Hutchings family tree

This site lists the work in progress on the Hutchings (originally from the Sturminster Newton area of Dorset) family tree.

Along the way we have collected considerable details on other branches of the tree. Everyone who has a connection to the Hutchings tree is listed (by alphabetical order of surname) in the table below. The links provide more information on each person and their immediate family.

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Hutchings strays

... ...   
... ...   
... ...   
... ...   
... ...   
Ann ...   
Annita ...   
Darreil ...   
Elizabeth ...   
Elizabeth ...   
Elizabeth ...   
Elizabeth ...   
Gladys ...   
Irene ...  1989 
Mary ...ABT 1812 in Hemsby, Norfolk  
Mary ...   
Mary A ...ABT 1820 in Beer, Devon  
Mary E ...ABT 1865 in Islington, London  
Rhona ...   
Sarah Jane ...1851/52 in Sidbury, Devon  
Wendy ...   
George Aird   
Isabella AirdABT 1890   
Jesse Eleanor Aird   
Thomas George Aird   
James Angus   
John Stark Angus11 JUN 1878 in Aston, Warwick  
Mary Stark Angus12 OCT 1876 in Aston, Warwick  
John Ash   
Frederic Delman Barry   
Emily BrayABT 1854   
William Bray  BEF 1894 
Arthur Thomas Brooker24 AUG 1894 in Hartlip, Kent 28 JUN 1923 
Arthur William Brooker2 SEP 1919   
William Brooker   
Agnes Caroline Brown14 JUN 1871   
Alfred F BrownABT 1874   
Edward James Brown5 DEC 1864   
Elizabeth Mary Brown9 NOV 1859   
Ellen H BrownABT 1858   
Kate Brown15 DEC 1867  28 MAY 1950 
Kate Brown10 JUN 1863  1864 
Thomas BrownABT 1869   
William Brown   
Betty Browne   
Alice BurgeABT 1865 in Portsea, Hampshire  
Henry Burge   
Henry BurgeABT 1872 in Portsea, Hampshire  
Louisa BurgeABT 1862 in Portsea, Hampshire  
Mary Ann Burge26 FEB 1859 in Portsmouth  
Mary Ann Caulfield1853/54 in Westminster, Middlesex  
Annie C CheesmanABT 1867   
Benjamin CheesmanABT 1822  BEF 1901 
Edith M CheesmanABT 1869   
Edward J CheesmanABT 1896 in Misterton, Somerset  
Marian R Cheesman1863/64   
Muriel C R CheesmanABT 1898 in Edensor, Derbyshire  
Robert E CheesmanABT 1864   
Thomas Cheesman   
... Collingwood   
Mary Ann Cotterell   
Elizabeth Crew   
Charlotte Dodd   
Harriet FarrABT 1834 in Knook, Wiltshire  
Charlotte Ferris1806 in Wilts  
Charles Hammett Gush22 MAR 1853 in Beer, Devon24 APR 1853 in Seaton and Beer, Devon 
Ella Mary GushABT 1882 in Wimborne, Dorset  
Ethel GushABT 1888 in Wimborne, Dorset  
Lily Eliza Hammett Gush1880/81 in Wimborne, Dorset  
Mable GushABT 1884 in Wimborne, Dorset  
Walter James Wills Gush10 FEB 1862 in Beer, Devon  
William Gush28 APR 1821 in Beer, Devon 23 DEC 1901 in Beer, Devon
William Gush12 JUL 1788 in Beer, Devon 24 JUN 1864 in Seaton, Devon
Mary Guy   
... Hales   
Ellen M A HalesABT 1878   
Anne HammettABT 1820 in Beer, Devon7 MAY 1820 in Seaton and Beer, Devon 
Charlotte HammettABT 1818 in Beer, Devon  
Eliza HammettABT 1824 in Beer, Devon3 FEB 1824 in Seaton and Beer, DevonBEF 1881 
Elizabeth HammettABT 1828 in Beer, Devon  
Hannie HammettABT 1863 in Seaton, Devon  
Mary HammettABT 1816 in Beer, Devon  
Samuel Hammett  BEF 1851 
Samuel HammettABT 1814 in Beer, Devon20 MAR 1814 in Seaton and Beer, Devon 
Albert HarrisABT 1839 in Stalbridge, Dorset  
Elizabeth A Harris1873/74 in Stalbridge, Dorset  
Harry A HarrisABT 1869 in Stalbridge, Dorset  
Laura HarrisABT 1899 in Axminster, Devon  
Robert Harris   
Walter HarrisABT 1871 in Stalbridge, Dorset  
Walter J R Harris1900/01 in Yeovil, Somerset  
Basil John Hill1930   
Derek Keith Hill1944   
Jacqueline Vera Hill1937   
John HillABT 1870  25 FEB 1946 
John William Hill14 NOV 1905 in Gosport, Hampshire 15 JUN 1984 
Maureen Rosemary Hill10 APR 1933 in Portsmouth  
... Hobbs   
Elisabeth HobbsABT 1811   
Charles William Hobby11 NOV 1868 in 10 Guilford Street, Pancras, Middlesex  
Cyril Hobby  1997 in Derby
Florence Beatrice Hobby7 MAR 1904 in 27 Pelham Street, Derby 3 MAR 1906 in 51 Reeves Road, Derby
Frederick Hobby   
Hilda Hobby23 DEC 1908  OCT 1988 in Nottingham
James Hobby3 JUN 1876 in 71 Westmoreland Street, Pimlico, London 1949 
James HobbyABT 1830  2 JUN 1876 in 71 Westmoreland Street, Pimlico, Middlesex
James Maurice Hobby20 JAN 1902 in 14 Leacroft Road, Derby 14 JAN 1906 in 51 Reeves Road, Derby
Leslie Hobby   
Lilian Gertrude Mabel Hobby12 AUG 1905 in 51 Reeves Road, Derby 23 JAN 1906 in 51 Reeves Road, Derby
Malcolm Hobby   
Reginald Hobby   
Sidney Hobby   
Stanley Hobby   
Emma Holley 4 JUL 1847 in Calne, Wiltshire 
Henry HolleyABT 1818 in Chippenham, Wilts  
Betty Hutchens 25 OCT 1765 in Sturminster Newton, Dorset 
Charles Hutchens   
Charles Hutchens 1 JAN 1748 in Sturminster Newton, Dorset 
Charles Hutchens 26 MAY 1760 in Sturminster Newton, Dorset 
Christian Hutchens 27 AUG 1755 in Sturminster Newton, Dorset 
Sarah Hutchens 25 JAN 1758 in Sturminster, Dorset 
Thomas Hutchens 21 DEC 1749 in Sturminster Newton, Dorset 
William Hutchens 6 APR 1763 in Sturminster Newton, Dorset 
Aiden Hutchings   
Alexander Hutchings 13 MAY 1752 in Sturminster Newton, DorsetABT 1830 
Alexander Hutchings1 JUN 1802 in Sturminster Newton, Dorset 18 AUG 1866 in Sturminster Newton, Dorset
Alexander Morris Hutchings28 NOV 1931 in Portsmouth  
Alexander Morris Hutchings14 SEP 1858 in Sturminster, Dorset20 SEP 1858 in Sturminster Newton, Dorset3 MAY 1903 in Jessops Hospital, Sheffield
Alexander Morris Hutchings30 JUN 1888 in 14 West Terrace, Eastbourne, Sussex 2 MAR 1936 in 9 Glossop Street, Derby
Andrew Hutchings   
Anthony George Hutchings11 OCT 1933   
Ben Hutchings   
Blake Hutchings   
Charles Hutchings   
Christian Hutchings 17 OCT 1800 in Sturminster Newton, Dorset1 JAN 1890 in Sturminster, Dorset
Christine Anne Hutchings5 AUG 1963 in St Mary's Hospital, Portsmouth  
David Leslie Hutchings23 SEP 1936 in St Mary's Hospital, Portsmouth  
Erin Hutchings   
Frances Gertrude Hutchings30 AUG 1886 in 83 Seaside Road, Eastbourne, Sussex 23 JAN 1976 in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
Garry Hutchings   
Iris Audrey Ann Hutchings1 APR 1940   
Joshua Hutchings   
Leonard George Hutchings13 APR 1890 in 5 Osborne Road, St Peter's, Ramsgate, Kent  
Liam Hutchings   
Margaret Diane Hutchings10 AUG 1928   
Martha Hutchings12 OCT 1855 in Ham Gate, Sturminster, Dorset11 NOV 1855 in Sturminster Newton, Dorset18 MAY 1897 in Wellswood Terrace, Torquay, Devon
Nathaniel Hutchings30 JUN 1812 19 JUL 1812 in Sturminster Newton, Dorset25 MAY 1869 in Sturminster Newton, Dorset
Richard Hutchings   
Ryan Hutchings   
Stephen Hutchings23 MAR 1961 in St Mary's Hospital, Portsmouth  
Tomas Hutchings   
Vivienne Hutchings   
Winifred Elizabeth Hutchings30 APR 1885 in 87 Seaside Road, Eastbourne, Sussex 12 JUN 1935 in 67 Scott Street, Derby
Anthony Johnson   
Jacqueline JohnsonDEC 1983   
Joseph Samuel Johnson   
Lola Helene JohnsonABT 1929  21 AUG 1965 in North Vancouver, Canada
Mark JohnsonDEC 1986   
Anne Knipe11 SEP 1805 in Corsham, Wiltshire  
Joseph Knipe   
Ambrose Knott1779   
Ambrose Knott  6 MAR 1895 in Sturminster Newton, Dorset
Martha Knott3 JUN 1810 in Sturminster Newton, Dorset26 AUG 1810 in Sturminster Newton, Dorset28 FEB 1853 in Sturminster, Dorset
Robert Rose Knott22 MAR 1812 in Sturminster Newton, Dorset17 APR 1812 in Sturminster Newton, Dorset 
Sarah Knott   
Robert Lambert   
Robert John Lambert11 MAR 1839 in Sturminster, Dorset  
William Lambert   
Edith Marion LeeABT 1873 in Torquay, Devon  
Elizabeth Mary Grace LeeABT 1869 in Exmouth, Devon NOV 1939 in 19 Ilsham Road, Torquay, Devon
Gilbert LeeABT 1871 in Torquay, Devon  
Bernadette Legare   
... Ley  BEF 1851 
Albert LeyABT 1849 in Exeter, Devon  
Edward LeyABT 1843 in Exeter, Devon  
Elizabeth LeyABT 1851 in Exeter, Devon  
Mary Ann LeyABT 1840 in Exeter, Devon  
Sarah LeyABT 1845 in Exeter, Devon  
Gilbert Ley(Lee)13 JUN 1846 in Gattey's Court, Saint Sidwell, Exeter  
John Stanley Lovelock   
Julie Lovelock   
... Michell   
Mary Michell1826 in Stockland, Devon  
Ellen Morris1814 in Holm Lacy, Hereford 1883 
Harriet MorrisABT 1821  17 FEB 1875 in Bridge House, Christchurch, Hampshire
Richard Morris   
Ellen Newlyn19 SEP 1848 in Sturminster Newton, Dorset 1924 
Ellen NewlynABT 1885 in Christchurch, Hampshire  
Frederick S NewlynABT 1877 in Bournemouth, Hampshire  
James Newlyn29 SEP 1855 in Crown Hotel, Sturminster Newton, Dorset 16 AUG 1929 in 19 Ilsham Road, Torquay, Devon
James Sambrooke Newlyn1 MAR 1883 in Bargates, Christchurch, Hampshire  
Louisa NewlynABT 1888 in Christchurch, Hampshire  
Louisa Elizabeth Newlyn1856 in Christchurch, Hampshire 1872 
Nicholas NewlynABT 1897 in Christchurch, Hampshire  
Nicholas Sambrooke NewlynABT 1812 in Alresford, Hampshire17 MAR 1822 in Englefield, Berkshire 
Peter Newlyn   
Ruth NewlynABT 1890 in Christchurch, Hampshire  
Sambrooke Newlyn10 MAY 1850 in Sturminster Newton, Dorset  
William Newlyn1846 in Child Okeford, Dorset 1875 
William S NewlynABT 1880 in St Andrew's, Bermondsey, Middlesex  
Charles Edward Albert Over   
Violet May OverABT 1923   
... Palmer   
... Palmer   
Mary Ann PalmerABT 1819 in Exeter, Devon  
Mary Ann(Grace) PalmerABT 1842 in Dawlish, Devon  
Rosina Palmer   
Thomas W PalmerABT 1881   
Eliza Parsons7 NOV 1838 in Stalbridge, Dorset  
Frances E ParsonsABT 1837 in Stalbridge, Dorset  
Harry ParsonsABT 1848   
Isaac Parsons   
Julia Anna Parsons22 OCT 1850 in Stalbridge, Dorset 24 JUN 1893 in Field Grove, St Leonard's Road, Eastbourne, Sussex
Mary Parsons   
Mary Jane ParsonsABT 1841   
Meshack ParsonsABT MAY 1814 in Stalbridge, Dorset, England29 MAY 1814 in Stalbridge, Dorset, England1 JUN 1864 in Bayford, Stoke Trister, Wincanton
Walter ParsonsABT 1846   
Henry Peck   
Issac Percy   
Mary Percy 4 JUN 1773 in Sturminster Newton, Dorset 
Ruth Pinniger(Pinnegar)1809 in Calne, Wiltshire  
William Pugh   
Mary PuttemABT 1782 in Beer, Devon  
Phillip G PynegarMAR 1953 in Norwich, Norfolk  
Raymond Pynegar21 AUG 1924 in Basford, Nottingham 26 APR 1979 in Lincoln
Stephen Raymond PynegarSEP 1948 in Shardlow, Derbyshire 16 JAN 1950 in Rhodesia
Charles Randall   
John Albert Randall11 FEB 1881 in 24 Westmoreland Place, Pimlico, Middlesex  
Eileen E Richardson   
Florence Kate Richardson16 NOV 1895 in Alverstoke, Hampshire JAN 1984 in Gravesend, Kent
Frederic Charles George Richardson30 SEP 1893   
Frederick George Richardson  14 NOV 1895 
Lily May Lovett Richardson28 JUN 1900   
Richard Richardson   
Thelma Richardson   
Avis Ridout   
Mary Ann RobinsonABT 1839 in Portsea, Hampshire  
Christian Mary RoseABT 1837   
Edward Rose  BEF 1881 
Sarah Rose   
... Rowland   
Jane Rowland1850 in Stockland, Devon  
Joseph Rowland 2 MAY 1819 in Upottery, Devon 
Mary Leah Rutherford 21 MAY 1841 in Calne, Wiltshire 
William Rutherford   
Elizabeth Ryall   
Alan Keith Scanlon   
Ellie Scanlon19 OCT 1996 in St Mary's Hospital, Portsmouth  
Clara J SkipseyABT 1898 in Portsmouth  
Daisy M SkipseyABT 1901 in Portsmouth  
Ethel M SkipseyABT 1887 in Portsea, Hampshire  
Florence M SkipseyABT 1889 in Portsmouth  
James Anthony SkipseyABT 1868 in Gateshead, Durham  
Margaret Annie SkipseyABT 1899 in Portsmouth  
Thomas A SkipseyABT 1892 in Portsmouth  
William H SkipseyABT 1897 in Portsmouth  
Stella Smith   
Phebe Spackman   
Barbara Swaine(Swayne) 9 JAN 1767 in Lydlinch, Dorset6 MAY 1846 in Sturminster, Dorset
Thomas Swayne   
Laura A ThomasABT 1872 in Stalbridge, Dorset  
Matilda ThomasABT 1847 in Langport, Somerset  
George Joseph Turnbull27 APR 1901   
Jessie Margaret Turnbull22 OCT 1896   
Mabel Rowena Turnbull23 FEB 1904   
Uriah TurnbullABT 1871   
Vera Kathleen Turnbull12 JAN 1908  1978 
George Vessey1808  JAN 1865 
George Nicholas Vessey6 DEC 1875 in Christchurch, Hampshire 19 MAY 1918 
George Thomas Vessey1850 in Witham-on-the-Hill, Lincolnshire 1877 in Christchurch
Louisa L Vessey1877 in Christchurch, Hampshire 1964 
Brenda Voysey1934  1987 
George Voysey6 SEP 1897 in Portsmouth 1982 
Mabel Beatrice WATERMAN1897  1965 
Adela Eliza Weston4 JAN 1873 in Stalbridge, Dorset  
Allen Weston25 JUL 1796 in Calne, Wiltshire  
Bertie WestonABT 1880 in Stalbridge, Dorset  
Charles Weston1835 17 MAR 1830 in Calne, Wiltshire 
Charles F WestonABT 1880 in Calne, Wiltshire  
Charles Ferris Weston1835 24 FEB 1837 in Calne, Wiltshire 
Charles William Knipe Weston12 DEC 1868 in The Quarry, Calne, Wiltshire  
Dorothy Adela WestonABT 1926  31 JAN 1932 in Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada
Dwight Weston   
Eliza Brown Weston1833 24 FEB 1837 in Calne, Wiltshire 
Harold Weston   
Harold Tregarthen Weston10 NOV 1870 in Stalbridge, Dorset  
Harry Fabian Weston9 AUG 1880 in Stalbridge, Dorset 10 AUG 1940 in White Rock, British Columbia, Canada
John Weston   
John Weston   
John Athelstan WestonABT 1877 in Stalbridge, Dorset 15 AUG 1927 in Point Grey, British Columbia, Canada
John Gideon Weston1838 in Wilts29 SEP 1854 in Calne, Wiltshire 
Keith Weston   
Laurie Weston   
Lena Sharon Marie WestonABT 1951  25 AUG 1965 in North Vancouver, Canada
Leonard Weston   
Morris Leonard WestonABT 1921  21 JUN 1970 in White Rock, British Columbia, Canada
Nancy WestonABT 1920   
Penelope WestonABT 1886 in Calne, Wiltshire  
Percival WestonABT 1881 in Calne, Wiltshire  
Reginald WestonABT 1914   
Samuel Weston   
Samuel Weston20 JUL 1840 in Calne, Wiltshire  
Thomas Fitzallen Weston13 MAR 1875 in Stalbridge, Dorset  
Ann Wills20 SEP 1789 in Beer, Devon  
Agnes WoodhouseABT 1838 in Hemsby, Norfolk  
George Woodhouse1808/09 in Filby, Norfolk  
George WoodhouseABT 1836 in Hemsby, Norfolk  
Harriet Woodhouse1844/45 in Hemsby, Norfolk BET 1920 AND 1929 in Slough
James WoodhouseABT 1849 in Hemsby, Norfolk  
Joshua WoodhouseABT 1842 in Hemsby, Norfolk  
Louisa WoodhouseABT 1846 in Hemsby, Norfolk  
Phoebe WoodhouseABT 1840 in Hemsby, Norfolk