Meshack Parsons

Born: ABT MAY 1814
Place of birth: Stalbridge, Dorset, England

Christened: 29 MAY 1814
Place of christening: Stalbridge, Dorset, England

Died: 1 JUN 1864
Place of death: Bayford, Stoke Trister, Wincanton
Source: Death certificate
Index entry: Jun 1864, Wincanton, vol 5c, page 383

Father: Isaac Parsons

Mother: Mary Parsons

Wife: Elisabeth Hobbs
Married: 28 DEC 1835
Married at: Stalbridge, Dorset, England

Children: Frances E Parsons, Eliza Parsons, Mary Jane Parsons, Walter Parsons, Harry Parsons, Julia Anna Parsons

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